WMF International Roadshow - Bulgaria

April 12th 2024 | Sofia Balkan Hotel, Sofia

The WMF International Roadshow lands in Bulgaria!

WMF - We Make Future, International Trade Fair on Innovation: Digital, AI and Tech- organizes the biggest international Startup Competition in Italy and several educational and entertaining events that attract participants, creative thinkers, corporates, NPOs, leading players and innovators from all over the world. The next edition of the WMF will be held in Bologna on June 13 - 15th 2024.

To further promote cooperation, spread digital innovative culture, boost entrepreneurship, and enhance the creation of a worldwide innovation ecosystem, WMF has designed the International Roadshow - a project composed of satellite events that aim at creating an international network where idea-sharing and cooperation merge to find cutting-edge solutions to global issues. 

In this framework, Sofia, Bulgaria, will host for the first time a WMF International Roadshow event, created in collaboration with BSMEPA - Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency. The local event will be held on April 12th, 2024 at the Sofia Balkan Palace.

Partner of the event

The Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) closely aligns its operations with the overarching vision of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth and contributes to the implementation of an integrated policy aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises. The Agency works towards achieving sustainable economic growth through many channels, including efficient utilization of EU Funds and improvement of the business environment. These priorities are directly linked to the generation of higher added value and accordingly to real GDP growth in an increasingly competitive environment, and to the successful integration of Bulgarian businesses in the Single European market.

BSMEPA is one of the institutions responsible for the pursuance and implementation of the government’s policy in the area of promoting exports as a key driver of economic growth. The services and activities of the Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency are driven by an overarching strategic objective: make Bulgaria a country of high living standards based on sustainable economic development in the context of holistic integration in the European Union with the joined efforts of government and social partners. The Agency performs these tasks through several measures aimed at maintaining sustainable economic growth, increasing the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises and fostering their development, promoting entrepreneurship, supporting advanced and innovative manufacturing processes and rolling out public-private partnerships (PPPs). The priority activity of BSMEPA is the internationalization of Bulgarian SMEs, as the Agency successfully applies different instruments for a sustainable and effective appearance of Bulgarian SMEs on the regional, European and world markets. The Agency aims to fully cover the process of supporting the internationalization of Bulgarian SMEs.

Part of the activities, implemented by BSMEPA are:

  • Development of product and market analyses;

  • Organizing and conducting trainings to increase the export potential of the SMEs;

  • Organizing and holding national participation at specialized international fairs and exhibitions abroad;

  • Supporting individual participation of SMEs at specialized international fairs and exhibitions in the country;

  • Organizing, conducting and participating in specialized events with an institutional stand of the BSMEPA, to promote Bulgaria and/or sectors of the economy in the country and abroad;

  • Organization, conduct and participation of Bulgarian SME producers in trade missions abroad;

  • Organizing and conducting business forums, conferences, contact exchanges and other networking events with bilateral meetings between Bulgarian and foreign companies in the country;

  • Business delegations, accompanying Bulgarian President, Bulgarian Prime minister, Chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament, Bulgarian Ministers and other officials

  • In addition, the Bulgarian National Contact Point for responsible business conduct, implementing and promoting OECD`s guidelines for multinational enterprises, is located in BSMEPA.

WMF International Roadshow

Bulgaria | Sofia

APRIL 12th 2024
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